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Thread: Just Curious

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    Jul 2014
    we send in circles three, sometimes four times a year. and also take advantage of puppy kits. find it well worth our while.

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    Thanks Bill.
    I do not buy enough in US to join.

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    i do the weight circles once or twice a year

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    yes you do buy enough in the US to join the US Pro Plan..... all you need is a US address ...long b4 Lauralee retired from Purina she made arrangements through the US Pro Club to enable the Snow Birds to redeem their weight circles .... I redeem my US circles in the USA

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    Quote Originally Posted by daward View Post
    What is the bulk delivery program ?
    Skids of food delivered to your door at a discount price .... 24 bags of any recipe .......... up to 3 skids at a time ....

    call Mari at Purina Pro club for more information

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    ...yes I send in circles....

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    Just got my coupons, yesterday. Over $400. Thats nothing to sneeze at!
    Thanks Purina!
    You stay classy CHD.

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    labber ...... you are on an Island ......I can tell you that very few hunt test and field trial people rebate .... very few

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    Yes, like Gilligan.
    After all, who needs free dog food?
    Apathy, is a cancer in our dog games these days.
    We reap what we sow.
    You stay classy CHD.

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    oh yes we do !!!

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