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Thread: Just Curious

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    Sent my circles in today

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    If you feed Purina food I can't figure out why you wouldn't do the rebates. Just a FYI, I received coupons to purchase Purina food totalling $483.75 in 2014, $442.00 in 2015 and $369.75 in 2016. It literally takes me 30 seconds to cut the weight circle off and put it in my pocket. I keep a jar in the house where I drop them next time I'm in the house. Then once a year I sit down for no more than 10 minutes and total them, fill the form in and put it in the mail. I send it registered to be safe but think I am pretty well paid for the time I spend on keeping the weight circles.

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    Purina supports our game.

    We should support Purina.....simple math!

    Keeping receipts though is a pain in the a&*

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