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Thread: NAFC FTCH AFTCH Flatlands Sledgehammer

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    NAFC FTCH AFTCH Flatlands Sledgehammer

    Sledge passed away quietly this evening. He told us earlier in the day that he was ready to go.
    He took us places few people get to go, and with profound honesty and grace. He was a joy to train, to run, and to have as the perfect farm dog in retirement.

    Beautiful boy, go with God. 3/17/2005 to 1/4/2018

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    Sorry for your loss .

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    Connie and Bill,
    Sledge was the kind of dog that people hope to have. The dog that you look back upon and remind yourself how fortunate you were.
    He was lucky to have you as his family.
    You stay classy CHD.

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    So sorry to hear of Sledge's passing. Our dogs are never with us long enough ......
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    So sorry Connie & Bill, he had a great life with great people, keep him in your heart.

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    Sorry for your loss. I remember seeing him run around the farm free and happy. I'm sure you have lots of good memories to help you through.

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    Connie and Bill,

    This is sad news. I’m sorry for your loss, my condolences to you both.

    I never knew Sledge in his prime, I knew of his glory days and respected him for his past performances. I knew Sledge as a beautiful farm dog “whose gone rouge,” with his stealthy stalking of the birds on the drying rack. Bill tells a great story of Ready, Eli, the ring leader Sledge and an unfortunate squirrel.

    Deep rooted moments… a lifetime of memories.

    Teach, reinforce, practice with consistency.

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    sorry for your loss connie andbill jim and sheila

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    Sorry for your loss,we will miss him greeting us at training sessions. Dave and Donna

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    Connie and Bill,

    So sorry to hear of Sledge's passing. He was truly a remarkable dog and I know he will be terribly missed.

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