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Thread: NAFC FTCH AFTCH Flatlands Sledgehammer

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    I remember meeting Bill at the 10th series at the North Bay National and he asking how you and sledge were doing...... I said that Sledge couldn't be caught. He ran national to be proud of and something you and Bill will never forget.
    Rest in Peace big guy and condolences from Judy and I.


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    Sorry to hear that news Connie. Put him in that special place that keeps him forever.

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    So sorry to read this today. My condolences to both of you. Sledge was an awesome competitor and an amazing dog.
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    Sorry to hear about Sledge, although I never saw him run I can only imagine how much fun it was to take him to the line... just know he passed his talent to his pups... I have one and she is exceptional.

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    Sorry for your loss Connie and Bill

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    Very sorry for your loss Connie.


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    Well CRAP. That is not what I wanted to see when I logged in. So sorry to hear of his passing. Dogs, horses and trucks -- they don't last long enough. May you always keep a special place for him in your heart.
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    Bill & Connie sorry for your loss

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